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Sweet Jeans Cafe is a breakfast and lunch restaurant that has been proudly serving the East Hampton area since April 2020.

    Sweet Jean's Cafe has been a long dream in the making, and while it has always been a passion of Danielle Pepe's (Tyler's), the inspiration behind this dream-turned-reality comes from a very special woman who holds a very special place in Danielle's heart, her Nonni: Genarosa, or better known as Jean!

     There wasn't anything in this world that couldn't be fixed by a meal made with her hands. Amazing Sunday dinners were prepared with fresh ingredients grown from her garden and always the love for her family she kept in her heart; always a three-course meal that never disappointed. 

    Danielle's love of cooking comes from many days spent in her Nonni's kitchen bonding over recipes and preparing delicious meals for the family. She had taught Danielle so much in her time here with us.

    She was the sweetest, most compassionate person and the core of The Tyler family. She was always going out of her way to serve her family. She made holidays truly special and has given The Tyler family many memories they hold close to their heart.

    Danielle hopes that a meal enjoyed at Sweet Jean's is just like a meal enjoyed at Nonni's table. Sweet Jeans Cafe's goal is to bring a little of Nonni's home into your time spent here, and that any and all occasions celebrated at these tables are memories being made just like the ones Danielle and her family had around Nonni's table!

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